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Welcome to Vallivue Academy

Vallivue Academy will provide a quality alternative education for students to pursue their
personal and academic growth.
Vallivue Academy is a small, nontraditional high school serving students who have struggled in the regular setting.  All students who enroll at Vallivue Academy must meet Idaho's criteria for being at-risk.
Vallivue Academy is a school of choice. All students must apply and interview to be considered for acceptance. We do our best to keep class sizes lower than 15 and to create a family atmosphere. Students have had and continue to have a role in many decisions at Vallivue Academy. Our school colors and mascot were chosen by the first group of students to graduate. A recycling club and a student council have formed due to the requests of students.
Students and staff members know we must work together and continually help each other so that we are all successful. Students must try each and every day to do their best, and we follow all state and district guidelines as our students strive for graduation.
If you are interested in applying to Vallivue Academy, you may stop by our school to receive an application packet, pick one up from staff members at Ridgevue or Vallivue High School, or download the application under the Parents/Students section of our website.
Mark Layne, Principal